what companies are saying

    Testimonials from some of IPAM partner companies...

    Nilsa Ribeiro | Talent Acquisition at SONAE
    Human Resources | Director of Human Resources

    “IPAM Lisbon stands out for its continued investment in the future and instruction of its students, and you can see its constant strive for excellence. Our partnership has been key to finding committed, dynamic and proactive trainees. These students have shown the ideal combination of hard and soft skills, easily and spontaneously integrating into a company with particular characteristics such as SONAE. We are aware of the how valuable these students can be to the labour market, which makes for an interesting investment in integration into the company.”


    Emilia Amores | Human Resources Manager at 3M Portugal

    “In recent years, 3M has maintained a great partnership with IPAM in welcoming Trainees for its various business areas.
    We believe the time these students spend at 3M has been a good way for them to familiarise themselves with the professional world in which they wish to insert themselves, to gain experience, and we are certain that it has helped them face an increasingly competitive labour market. On the other hand, 3M believes that being able to count on these well-prepared youngsters, who are brimming with new ideas and a desire to learn, is definitely a plus. We end up sharing knowledge both ways!
    The practical component of the Course should be applied to so many other areas of education, only then will students be prepared to begin their professional career. 3M taking on of new graduates from IPAM proves this.
    Generally speaking, it has been a rewarding experience for 3M and we hope it has been fulfilling for the students.”


    Afonso Leitão | Commercial and Marking Department of Sporting Club de Portugal

    “Sporting CP has sought to provide an opportunity for personal and professional development, consistent with that of natural academic development.

    The activities carried out focused, mainly, on operational and communication areas. (...)
    The presence of both (IPAM students) contributed, decisively, to the quality of the work presented. The work carried out by the both of them, parallel to a quick and good-natured ability to adapt, facilitated 3 months of gradual efficiency, rigour and working capacity. This appraisal resulted in an invitation made to both trainees to continue their respective traineeships, which attests to the human and professional quality of both candidates.”