The world is moving at a very fast pace and modern business is increasingly global. This Master's was specially designed to meet the needs and trends of the global marketplace.


    It is an innovative academic experience with its international scope, multicultural classroom environment, intensive learning dynamics, and strong links with industry. Students learn with leading academics and industry experts and gain insights into the latest thinking and practices in global marketing in the context of sophisticated and demanding consumers, the digital revolution, and globalization.


    The philosophy behind this Master's favors open knowledge and discovery-led learning, where all stakeholders contribute to the learning process.

    Acredited by A3ES on 09/07/2019.

    Registration: R/A-Cr 53/2019 on 09/08/2019 (DGES).

    Despacho n.º 7859/2021, de 10 de agosto de 2021, II Série nº 151 D.R.



    Miriam  Salomão
    Language English
    Campus Porto
    schedule Daytime
    Duration 4 Semesters
    start date September
    Marketing Global Master

    Main Features

    Truly global

    • The course is entirely taught in English and has a multicultural environment in the classroom.
    • Companies involved in the course have international operations.
    • Teachers have substantial global experience, with enriched and broad views.
    International mobility period (optional), in a network of partner universities.


    • This Master's is designed to address key areas indissociable of the future of marketing: digitalization, artificial intelligence, disruption, analytics, and change management, among others.

    Innovative learning dynamics

    • Curricular units are organized intensively, running in a few weeks instead of the whole semester.
    Teaching model: one Main Teacher and one Guest Teacher. Being someone deeply engaged in practice, such as an entrepreneur, the latter brings unique expertise to the learning experience.
    • Classes take place from Monday to Thursday, only in the morning.

    Marketing with a flavor of entrepreneurship

    Students are challenged to create their own business in a transversal project.
    • At the end of the Master’s first year, there will be the opportunity for projects to be pitched to investors.


    This Master's aims to develop students’ competencies to become marketing professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to build a successful career in settings where a global outlook is deemed essential.


    Potential careers include: International Marketing Manager; Business Development Manager; Market Research Analyst; Global Product Manager; Digital Marketing Strategist; Brand Manager; Strategy Consultant; Marketing Partnerships Manager; Customer Engagement Manager; Transformation and Innovation Manager.

    Learning by doing

    • This Master fosters a culture of learning by doing hands-on projects.

    Contacts with organizations happen throughout the course, in different contexts and formats. 



    Scholarships in the form of partial tuition fee waivers (up to 50%) are available for eligible applicants. Please do consult more information here.


    Jelena Savic
    Jelena Savic

    "My collaboration at the Global Master in Marketing has been rewarding at many levels. We deal with state-of-the-art themes in a forward-thinking learning environment and enjoy the best possible conditions in terms of the space and technology at our service. Instead of  “multitasking” along the semester, we focus in-depth on specific subjects, which has proven to be a highly efficient and effective learning strategy (exactly as it works in time management!) The students bring in a diversity of lived and professional experiences into the mix. All of this has boosted motivation, curiosity, and knowledge exchange. The GMM is not only about getting prepared for what their professional future may bring, but also about creating that future."

    Ivan Zhila-2
    Ivan Zhila

    "While being a part of the global marketing master’s program I started to think differently, and I do feel that my mind is now global oriented. This was accomplished by the design of the classes to push the boundaries of traditional marketing approaches and by the engagement in different challenges proposed by teachers. Actually, I am truly impressed by the quality of the lecturers and the number of successful professionals invited to the classes. All in all, this master's has provided me with new perspectives, opportunities, and the skills to support the upcoming challenges in pursuing success in international markets."

    1st Semester

    Global Marketing Strategy 48 6
    Future Consumption Society 40 6
    Marketing Research Methods 48 6
    Talent and Change Management 48 6
    Disruptive Business Models 48 6

    2nd Semester

    Marketing Future Cast 48 6
    Digital Marketing Strategy 48 6
    Marketing Metrics and Analytics 48 6
    Global Marketing Simulator 40 6
    Global Business Plan 40 6

    3rd Semester

    Global Marketing & Branding* 70 12
    Artificial Intelligence applied to Marketing* 70 12
    Marketing & Experience with Services* 70 12
    Sustainability in Marketing Management* 70 12
    Technology applied to Marketing* 70 12
    Dissertation / Professional Project / Internship  42 18


    4th Semester

    Global Marketing Challenge Seminar 28 6
    Dissertation / Professional Project / Internship 42 24


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