Financial Literacy for Everybody – Workshop on How to Start Investing

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On February 7th, starting at 6pm at IPAM Porto Auditorium, CFA Society Portugal in collaboration of IPAM Porto will promote the Financial Literacy for Everybody – a workshop on how to start investing.

The workshop will be held in English and will feature speakers Gonçalo Araujo, CFA (Administrative and Financial Director), Nuno Pereira, CFA (Partner, Head of Investments) and Pedro Marques, CFA (Team Leader Custody Services) and Vitor Ribeiro, CFA (CEO and Financial Advisor). It aims to improve knowledge on financial topics, identifying the advantages of savings and investment. It is aimed at an audience that does not work in financial markets.

The aim is to provide all participants with basic financial knowledge that can be applied in their lives. In our society, we are not taught about economics and finance at school, and we end up reaching adulthood without knowing how to manage our own finances, therefore making some mistakes, which would be easily avoided if we had more knowledge.

Topics covered in the workshop:

1. Why invest

Find the reasons to invest, understand the advantages, as well as visualize a positive but realistic investment path.

2. Savings

Know how to take the first steps towards this preparatory and fundamental part of the decision to invest.

3. Investment

Specific investment issues such as allocation, diversification, among others.

4. Behavioural Errors

Identification of typical investor mistakes and how to avoid them.

5. Characterization of financial instruments that exist in Portugal

We count on your presence!

February 7 2024
IPAM Porto Auditorium
18:00 - 20h00