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What are cookies?

Please note that (hereinafter, "Website") uses cookies and similar information storage and retrieval technologies (hereinafter, "Cookies") to ensure access to certain features and, additionally, to improve the quality of the Website according to users' browsing habits and style. The specific uses we make of this technology are described in the following section.

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your device (whether a computer, smartphone or tablet) when you access a website and allows the website owner to store or retrieve certain information, such as: the number of times the page has been visited by the user, identify the registered user, guarantee the user's session while browsing the page, allow operations to be carried out in a secure and stable way, etc.

Ensilis, Educação e Formação, Unipessoal, Lda, (hereinafter, “Ensilis”) would like to provide you with the necessary information about the types of cookies used on our website, so that you have full decision-making power regarding their use and protection of your privacy.

You can find complete information about the data protection conditions applied on the Website in our Privacy Policy .

What type of Cookies are used on this Website and who uses them?

Below, we provide information about the types of cookies used on the Website, their purposes and the storage period:

How long do we store the data and transfer it internationally?

If, through the use of cookies, we collect data that is considered personal data in accordance with the legislation in force, we will process and store these data for as long as necessary to fulfil the purpose for which they are used, depending on each case. Once these objectives have been met, they may be duly stored if they are necessary for the exercise or defence of actions and complaints in relation to their use. At the end of these periods, the information will be deleted.

International data transfer is not provided for by Ensilis. However, with regard to transfers that, in each case, may be made by third party installers of cookies on our Website (you can obtain information in their respective policies).

Cookie management

You can manage your experience with the cookies used by this website under Settings.

Below, we provide you with additional information on how you can manage, view and modify Cookies in your browser.

Cookie viewing

All browsers offer the user the possibility to search and view the Cookies installed by a particular website, obtaining information about their duration and the possibility of deleting them, as indicated in the following section. Below is a series of informative links on this issue for the most commonly used browsers:

Deactivation or deletion of cookies

To disable, restrict, block or delete cookies, the user must modify the configuration of the browser used on their device, whether it is a computer, smartphone or tablet. In general, browsers offer the following configuration options regarding the installation of cookies:

  • That the browser rejects all cookies and therefore that no cookies from any website is installed on your terminal.
  • That the browser warns you before a cookie is installed so that you can decide whether or not to accept the installation of the cookie.
  • That the browser only rejects third-party cookies from the websites you visit, but not those used by the website you are browsing.
  • The option of browsing in private mode where cookies are installed on the device, but are automatically deleted when you finish browsing the website.

Below is a series of informative links on this issue for the most commonly used browsers:

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