Global Business - PortoThe Bachelor's in Global Business provides a deep understanding of international business practices to prepare future business leaders for the linked global economy.
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Bachelor's in Global Business, Porto

The Global Business Bachelor's degree is a program taught in English that provides an unmatched educational opportunity and a strong foundation in global business ideas and practices through a demanding and thorough three-year program.

In this program, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of worldwide markets, global strategies, cross-cultural management, and more through a carefully designed curriculum to prepare them to be future business leaders in the fast-paced global business environment. Students will also be stimulated by international experiences, both within the classroom and by going abroad through the mobility semester at a top international university, giving them a wide perspective of the professional market and employability.

The academic model is immersive and based on a strong practical component where students respond to real business challenges from startups, small to medium-sized companies, and multinationals.

This bachelor will provide a deep understanding of international business practices to prepare future business leaders for the linked global economy.

Start dateSeptember 2024
Duration3 Years | 6 Semesters

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Why study in the Bachelor's in Global Business?

Immersive Academic Model

The Global Business Bachelor uses a teaching approach that prioritizes learning via experience. The academic model is based on a strong practical component where students respond to real business challenges from a variety of companies, including startups, small to medium-sized companies and multinationals. In-depth guest speakers and business experts lead the students in engaging seminars, case studies, simulations, and projects. With this method, students gain useful skills and improve their problem-solving and analytical skills.

International Business Practices

This Bachelor's provides students with a strong foundation in global business ideas and practices through a demanding and thorough three-year program. Students will obtain a comprehensive understanding of worldwide markets, international strategies, cross-cultural management, and more through a carefully designed curriculum. In this program, students will gain a thorough understanding of international business practices to prepare them to become future business leaders for the linked global economy.

Strong Industry Partnerships

Leading businesses from a range of industries, as well as Portuguese and worldwide business partners, have partnered with IPAM on several occasions. These collaborations provide students with beneficial chances for mentorship, internships, and hands-on experience with real-world business issues.

Internationally Acclaimed Faculty

Our faculty is talented and diverse, including eminent teachers with solid academic and professional backgrounds. These seasoned teachers expand students' learning opportunities and promote a truly global perspective by bringing a wealth of expertise about international business to the classroom.

Small Student Groups

We support creating a lively, participatory learning atmosphere; therefore, the Global Business Department ensures the student groups. Smaller class sizes encourage more meaningful interactions, individualized staff attention, and cooperative learning opportunities for students.

International Mobility Semester

The chance to live a truly global experience with our international mobility programs in top universities, such as Pace University, Dublin City University, Solbridge University and Cardiff Metropolitan University.

International Mobility Semester

Students have the chance to live a truly global experience with our international mobility programs in top international universities, such as Pace University (NYC, EUA), Dublin City University (Dublin, Ireland), SolBridge University (South Korea) and Cardiff Metropolitan University (Cardiff, UK).

Career Opportunities

Marketing Manager

Students can work as marketing managers, creating and putting into practice marketing plans, doing market research, managing client relationships, and supervising international marketing campaigns.

Interpersonal Skills Trainer

Graduates can work as interpersonal skills coaches, advising people and groups on effective leadership, teamwork, and communication in multicultural business environments.

Research Analyst

Students can work as research analysts, gathering and evaluating data, performing market research, and offering insightful information to support organizational decision-making procedures.

Financial Analyst

Graduates who want to work as financial analysts can do so by analysing financial data, assessing investment opportunities, and offering financial advice to assist in strategic decision-making.

Global Team Manager

Students can assume leadership responsibilities, directing varied teams from various cultures and nations, and assuring efficient collaboration and performance with the help of a solid foundation in managing global teams.

Business Development Manager

Graduates with this degree can work as business development managers who seek new business possibilities, analyse markets, and cultivate strategic alliances to advance their organizations.

Data Analyst

Graduates who possess the necessary abilities can work as data analysts, concluding huge datasets, spotting patterns and trends, and making data-driven suggestions for company growth.

Innovation Manager

Graduates can work as innovation managers, promoting innovation and creativity within firms, spotting new trends, and creating plans to promote an innovative culture.

Digital Business Strategist

Students who are knowledgeable about digital business strategies can work in positions centred on digital transformation, establishing and putting into practice plans to employ technology and digital platforms for corporate success.

Project Manager

Graduates with project management experience can supervise global projects, coordinate resources, deal with stakeholders, and guarantee project delivery success.

International Entrepreneur

Students can launch their businesses in foreign marketplaces by utilizing their knowledge of global business dynamics and innovation to spur commercial success.

Human Resource Manager

Graduates with knowledge of human resources management can work as HR managers, managing global HR operations, hiring personnel, managing performance, and promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Strategic Planner

Graduates can work as strategic planners, assisting firms in creating long-term plans, conducting competitive analyses, and coordinating company strategy with trends and opportunities in the global market


Study plan structure

Global Economics426
Marketing Principles566
Interpersonnal Skills283
Research Methods 283
Financial Accounting I426
Managing Global Teams283
Business Development for Alternative Futures283
Data Analysis426
Business Management Principles426
Financial Accounting II426
Financial Management426
Customer Management426
Business Intelligence426
International Business Law566
Innovation and Creativity566
Digital Business Strategy426
Business Networking566
Project Management426
International Entrepreneurship and Innovation426
Human Resource Management426
Integrated Marketing Mix566
Ethics and Social Responsibility426
Disruptive Business Models566
Business Plan283
Strategic Management283
Global Business Strategies566
Cross Cultural Negotiation566
Final Project12618

Admission exams

  • 04 Economics or
  • 09 Geography or
  • 18 Portuguese



Candidates interested in joining IPAM can apply throughout the year.

The application process is limited by existing vacancies and the suitability of the candidate's profile to the study cycle of interest.

To start the admission process, the candidate must follow these 3 steps.

Certification and accreditation

Acreditada pela A3ES em 26/06/2023.

Relatório de auto-avaliação da Licenciatura em Global Business

R/A-Cr 36/2023 de 13-07-2023

Ciclo de estudos em fase de registo junto da DGES e a aguardar publicação do plano de estudos em Diário da República.

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