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IPAM has always been guided by its innovative, disruptive character, to think differently and to always be one step ahead, guided by a teaching of excellence with a strong approach to companies and markets.

The partnerships are thus part of IPAM’s work routine: partnerships with the business world, where curricular internships are fostered, participation in real challenges of companies or research projects, bringing reality to their teaching experience; and with foreign educational institutions, with the objective of enabling greater international mobility of students and teachers.

Its “Immersive Learning” teaching model is unique and superior, as it results in an intense and effective professional immersion, combining theory with practice, through teachers with proven expertise and real challenges that are launched students by national and international companies.

This immersive and experiential learning allows students to acquire the knowledge, skills and values necessary for the development of their future profession and face the challenges of social and digital transformation, enhancing their maximum employability anywhere in the world.

At IPAM, the classroom is the world. IPAM challenges the traditional concept of classroom teaching and it is this vision that our School imprints in the education of its students. A vision of disruption, of thinking differently, of seeking creative solutions. It is with this Marketing mindset that IPAM students, tomorrow's leaders and future CEOs, look at the market and lead businesses.

The role of the professor in this model is to accompany the student throughout their academic career, participating in the transition of their personal and professional development. In the classroom, the professor will guide them through the different learning methodologies that integrate each pillar of the model, ensuring the development of skills and values present in our vision of a global world.

Our academic model is based on six pillars:

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