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The IPAM Lisboa Base is a non-certified company within the youth consultancy university, operated by IPAM Lisboa students.

It was created to provide its members with a larger number of networking opportunities and experiences with real companies, with a big impact on the course and subjects, as well as a perspective of the current labour market, allowing a greater knowledge and preparation of its members’ academic and professional journey.

The consultancy’s internal organisation is divided into 4 departments, namely Human Resources, Marketing, Projects and Events. The President and Vice-President of this organisation administer the consultancy’s strategic component.

The services performed at the IPAM Lisboa Base for companies they establish partnerships with may range from diagnosis performance, brand analysis and/or market competition, targets and/or segments identification, insight analysis and generation, market studies, strategic proposals which may include management, marketing and communication plans, among others. The Lisboa Base can work on any type of challenge within the area of marketing, offering modern perspectives and analysis with management foundations.

IPAM Lisboa students who are interested in joining the Lisboa Base can contact us on our Instagram: @baseipamlisboa

Or by email at

The IPAM Lisboa Base recruits every semester, thus also adapting itself to the academic calendar.

Governing Bodies:

  • President and Vice-President (Nuno Freire and Hugo Ferreira)
  • Projects department Coordinator (Manuel Terrinha)
  • Marketing Department Coordinator (Marta Gomes)
  • Human Resources Department Coordinator (Joana Carrapiço)
  • Events department Coordinator (Daniela Leal)

Base IPAM is a Junior Enterprise certified by Junior Enterprises Portugal, which is an offshoot of IPAM. It is the only junior enterprise exclusively focused on and specialising in marketing management consulting.

Created with the intention of promoting and developing young talent in marketing, Base is a group of students with similar objectives and dynamics that, together with the support provided by a know-how network, develop their skills and competencies daily, by learning and applying them to real consulting projects. IPAM Base members have the opportunity to experience life in a professional work environment and thereby, define and forge their own career path, through joining Departments and project teams.

We are looking for students who consider problems to be an opportunity to learn and grow, who are proactive, dynamic, creative and above all, that have the critical thinking and willingness to do and become more.

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IPAM Lisboa: Estr. da Correia 53. 1500-210 Lisboa

+351 210 309 930

IPAM Porto: Rua Manuel Pinto de Azevedo, 748. 4100-320 Porto

+351 229 398 089

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