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The Student's Ombudsperson articulates its activity with the management of the Student's Association, the Director and the other organs and services of IPAM.



What does the Student’s Ombudsperson do?

To receive, manage and reply to complaints from students.

To make recommendations to the competent bodies, teaching staff and other departments in order to correct any unlawful or unfair acts regarding the students and the improvement of the services provided.

To point out the deficiencies of the regulations in force, approved by the statutorily competent bodies, by making recommendations for their implementation, alteration or making suggestions for the elaboration of new governing rules.

To give an opinion on any matters concerning the Ombudsperson’s activities, at the request of the Board of Directors or the Director of IPAM-Lisboa.

To contribute to the drafting of a code of rights and duties to applied at IPAM-Lisboa by all those who attend the Institution.

To draft an annual report of Ombudsperson’s activities.

To give an opinion on the recommended actions in order to improve the quality of the teaching-learning experience, based on the issues brought forward to the Ombudsperson.

When should I contact the Student Ombudsperson?

In general, and within the foreseen deadlines, the Student Ombudsperson should be contacted after other competent bodies of the Universidade Europeia have been consulted. Contact with the Ombudsperson (including requests for appointments) may be made by e-mail to or through this form:

Get in touch with the Ombudsperson

IPAM Lisboa: Estr. da Correia 53. 1500-210 Lisboa

+351 210 309 930

IPAM Porto: Rua Manuel Pinto de Azevedo, 748. 4100-320 Porto

+351 229 398 089

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