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No IPAM, há um lugar para os visionários. E o teu é aqui!

The word “Marketing” in the 1980s was practically not a part of our lexicon. In fact, the concept of “Marketing” emerged in Portugal hand in hand with the foundation of the Instituto Português de Administração de Marketing (IPAM) in1984.

This innovative, disruptive and avant-garde spirit has been part of IPAM's DNA since its genesis. And Marketing has been, since then, for IPAM the cornerstone that makes this institution the oldest and largest school of Marketing in Portugal, having trained around 20 000 students during its 38 years of activity.

If it was until recently “The Marketing School”, as a result of its evolution and the connection to the market and trends, IPAM has taken a new position giving Marketing a new dimension “Marketing Leads Business”, materialising the conviction that future disruptive leaders who are capable of transforming business and society through a Marketing vision are trained in IPAM.

Corroborating this conviction, IPAM has an educational offering that meets national and international trends, in which studies indicate that future CEO's will no longer be financial, but people with background in Marketing, given their ability to better cope with a volatile and uncertain environment like the one we live in today.

With physical campuses in Porto and Lisbon, and with an online presence, IPAM also embodies its positioning in its teaching portfolio, expanding the boundaries of Marketing to other areas related to Business and Technology, offering programmes of excellence in the following: CTeSP, Bachelor's Degrees, Masters and Executive Training.There is a place for visionaries at IPAM. And yours is here!A palavra “Marketing” na década de 80, praticamente não fazia parte do nosso léxico. Na verdade, o conceito de “Marketing” surgiu em Portugal de mãos dadas com a fundação do Instituto Português de Administração de Marketing (IPAM), em 1984.

O espírito inovador, disruptivo e de vanguarda faz parte do ADN do IPAM desde a sua génese. E o Marketing tem sido, desde então, para o IPAM a pedra angular que faz desta instituição, a mais antiga e a maior escola de Marketing em Portugal, tendo formado, nos seus já 38 anos de atividade, cerca de 20 000 estudantes.

Se foi até recentemente “The Marketing School”, fruto da sua evolução e da ligação ao mercado e às tendências, o IPAM assumiu um novo posicionamento dando ao Marketing uma nova dimensão “Marketing Leads Business”, materializando a convição de que no IPAM formam-se os futuros líderes disruptivos, capazes de transformar os negócios e a sociedade através de uma visão de Marketing.

Corroborando esta convicção, o IPAM tem uma oferta formativa que vai ao encontro das tendências nacionais e internacionais, em que estudos apontam que os futuros CEO não serão mais financeiros, mas pessoas com background de marketing, dadas as suas capacidades para enfrentarem melhor um ambiente volátil e incerto como o que vivemos atualmente.

Com campi físicos no Porto e em Lisboa, e com presença online, o IPAM materializa o seu posicionamento também no seu portfolio de ensino, expandindo as fronteiras do Marketing para outras áreas relacionadas com os Negócios e a Tecnologia, oferecendo programas de excelência nos segmentos: CTeSP, Licenciaturas, Mestrados e Formação de Executivos.

For those who want to be part of the generation of professionals that will revolutionise the market and the business world through Marketing

Mission and objectives

IPAM is an institution dedicated to the creation, transmission and dissemination of knowledge. It is aimed at the professional sphere, providing training and qualification at a high level for various professional audiences, as well as those of technological research and development for the promotion of these communities, in cooperation with regional, national and international entities.

IPAM is a private, polytechnic higher education institution endowed with scientific, pedagogical and cultural autonomy. It has the mission of creating, disseminating, and applying knowledge based on the freedom of cultural creativity, on scientific and pedagogical innovation, promoting higher education in the European space and contributing in the integral development of people and society based on principles that hold knowledge, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship to be factors in growth, sustainable development, well-being, and solidarity.

The educational, cultural and scientific project of the Instituto Português de Administração de Marketing (IPAM) responds to the growing needs of society, seeking to be a national and international reference and the first choice of students and employers. It aims to develop the scientific and entrepreneurial spirit, encourage research and investigative work, expanding the understanding of man and the environment in which he integrates. It is also intended to stimulate the knowledge of the problems of today's world, promote and value multiculturality and social responsibility, as well as to train graduates fit for professional insertion and participation in the development of society.

The adopted model is based on the acquisition of systemic skills, conceptual and instrumental, in simulation, tutoring, collaborative learning and behavioural valences. Particular importance is given to the use of technology in two aspects: as a teaching tool, which enhances and facilitates the acquisition of skills, and as a scientific and technical component of some curricular units. Likewise, extracurricular activities – including the retransmission of conferences and lectures with international personalities, the organization of conferences with individualities of recognized merit and the definition of an intense cultural agenda – occupy a prominent place in the academic life of IPAM.

Reasons to study at IPAM Porto

Leading School in Marketing Education
IPAM is the oldest and largest Higher Education institution, a leader in teaching of Marketing in Portugal, offering a disruptive view of the market with several professional outputs in the business arena.
Company links
IPAM's programmes have a strong practical component, based on an immersive academic model, through which students will have the opportunity to respond to real challenges posed by companies, to participate in national and international competitions and in initiatives that feature personalities from the business world. Annually, more than 50 real cases are developed, with national or international companies, and are integrated into IPAM programmes, involving more than 1 500 students. Among the various projects developed those carried out in partnership with the following Brands stand out: Solinca, Agros, Sheraton, Toyota Caetano, El Corte Inglés, Impetus, Ikea, Futebol Clube do Porto, Fruut, Staples, Starbucks, TVI, Chicco, Kidzania, Lerot Merlin, McDonald’s, Google, H3, Cácádia – Casa de Chocolates Porto, Sonae, Continental Pneus, Festival Marés Vivas, Rock in Rio, Science for You, Micaela Oliveira, L’Oréal, Continente, Navigator, Toys R Us, Adega Mayor, Redbull, Delta Q, National Geographic, Everything is New, Santander, Makro, Dott, Federação Portuguesa de Surf, Águas do Vimeiro. Boticário, Concentra, Sonae, Yellow Bus, So Natural, Fundação Oceano Azul, Ben& Jerrys, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC), Wells, Fidelidade, Tolife, Chicco, and Kidzania, among others. From the entrepreneurship point of view, we have projects with institutions such as the National Federation of Business Angels and Education Network. Whatever the chosen programme, our students leave prepared to face the challenges of the professional market.
Simulation of business reality
At IPAM, in addition to constant contact with the professional reality, our students develop skills necessary for their future profession in simulated environments, with different levels of complexity and fidelity, seeking the maximum approximation to the real world and using different methodologies: Simulation, Challenge Based Learning, Problem-Based Learning, gamification, among others. Learning that helps students gain confidence and security to perform better in a professional context, as they will be in contact with real situations that will recreate their future workplace, putting them to the test with projects and challenges. Students also have the opportunity to participate in competitions such as: Junior Achievement Portugal, Awards, Grace, Global Management Challenge (GMC), National Young Farmers Competition (CAP).
Faculty formed by professionals
IPAM currently has about 150 excellent teachers, the vast majority with PhDs and with extensive business experience (about 15 years on average) in nationally and internationally recognised companies such as Toyota, McDonald’s, MTV, Novo Banco, Makro, Worten, Galp, Unilever, Sonae, El Corte Inglês, Sheraton, Pingo Doce, Agros, Montepio Geral, Vodafone, Banif, among many others. Thus, our teachers bring range of successful teaching and professional experiences to the classroom, promoting a disruptive and real vision of the area they teach.
Employability as a priority
IPAM sees the employability of its students as a priority and regularly monitors its results. According to the latest data, more than 90% of IPAM graduates are employed within 6 months after completing the course. At IPAM, students develop key skills that enhance their employability anywhere in the world. The institution's employability rate is 92.7%. Currently, IPAM has protocols signed with more than 285 national and international companies placing around 350 interns every year.
IPAM family
At IPAM, there is an environment of strong proximity between students, professors and staff. Teamwork is part of IPAM's DNA and the day-to-day of our School, always for the benefit of the entire IPAM community, with a focus on the students. The family atmosphere at IPAM and this closeness that characterises us is transformed into bonds that last for a lifetime and that give meaning to the “IPAM Magic” motto.
At IPAM, students will have the opportunity to participate in international mobility programmes in prestigious schools such as: Pace University (New York), DCU (Dublin), EPHEC (Brussels), ESGCI (Paris), ESIC (Madrid), among others. In addition, they will have the opportunity to live in a multicultural environment interacting with different cultures during their academic career.
Community of professionals
Upon entering IPAM, our students become part of an exclusive community of market professionals made up of faculty members and former students who are in prominent positions in renowned national and international institutions.


IPAM has IPAM BASE, a junior consultancy exclusively focused and specialising in consulting in the area of Marketing, targeting the practical application of the knowledge acquired during the course in real projects developed for companies or partner institutions under a laboratory-learning framework. BASE is formed exclusively by IPAM students who, together and with the support of a knowledge network, develop their skills and competencies on a daily basis, learning and applying them in real consulting projects. Through the integration of Departments and project teams, the members of the IPAM Base have the opportunity to experience life in a professional work environment and thereby, define and prepare their own career.

For those who do not do things by halfs and turn challenges into new opportunities!

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