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Master Global Business - PortoCrafted to align with the accelerating pace of the world and the growing interconnectedness of business on a global scale
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Master's Degree in Global Business, Porto

In the dynamic landscape of today's rapidly evolving global business environment, the demand for professionals with a deep understanding of international markets is more pronounced than ever. Embracing this reality, our Global Business Master has been meticulously crafted to align with the accelerating pace of the world and the growing interconnectedness of business on a global scale.

Delivered entirely in English, this Master's program stands out as a beacon of innovation in academia. It offers a transformative educational experience with a resolute focus on the international arena, an unwavering commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices, and robust collaborations with industry leaders.

At the core of our Master's philosophy is the belief in open knowledge and discovery-led learning. We emphasize a participatory approach where every stakeholder actively contributes to the learning journey. This collaborative spirit extends to our commitment to a culture of "learning by doing." Our students translate theory into practice through immersive industry partnerships, real-time case studies, hands-on workshops, and collaborative teamwork.

Upon successful completion of this program, graduates emerge not only with a comprehensive understanding of global business dynamics but also with the expertise and skills essential for thriving in international settings. This Master's program is designed to empower individuals to confidently navigate the complexities of the global marketplace and build a successful career with a global perspective.

Start dateSeptember 2024
Duration2 Years | 4 Semesters

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Why study Master's Degree in Global Business?

Innovative Solutions

Produce innovative solutions that are appropriate to reality and on a global scale, setting priorities in decision-making, based on sources of information.


Develop entrepreneurial skills, creativity, proactivity, leadership of multidisciplinary teams, based on environmental sustainability.

Leading Academics

Study with leading academics and industry experts and gain insights into the latest thinking and practices.

Fundamentals of Global Business

Understand the fundamentals of global business applicable to various contexts, through research and application to concrete situations experienced by organizations.


Demonstrate ability to use equipment, software, methods, and techniques linked to global, effective, and responsible management.

Leading Solutions

Develop solutions within the highest standards of quality, rigor, and ethical principles.

Top Benefits:


Immerse yourself in a global-oriented curriculum that tackles international challenges head-on, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the interconnected world we live in.

Future Oriented

Stay ahead of the curve with our future-oriented courses that delve into disruptiveness and technology, equipping you with the skills needed to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of innovation

Global Business

Study with leading academics and industry experts and gain insights into the latest thinking and practices in global business.

Career in International Settings

Acquire comprehensive knowledge, expertise and skills needed to build a successful career in international settings.

High Quality Business Research

Develop skills to conduct high-quality business research.

Academics and Industry Experts

Our faculty is a dynamic blend of distinguished academics and industry experts, bringing a wealth of international experience to create a truly global learning environment.

Close connections with Companies

Forge close connections with industry leaders through our network of companies, offering hands-on learning experiences that allow you to tackle real-world challenges and excel in your chosen field.

Closer and personalized Interaction

Experience the advantage of small groups, ensuring closer interaction with professors and colleagues, fostering a culture of personalized feedback that enhances your academic journey.

Master Thesis Defense

Held in June, so that students get their certificate sooner than they would in other Portuguese institutions.

Multicultural Environment

Experience a multicultural environment by interacting with people from different nationalities and backgrounds.

Mobility Abroad

Embark on a transformative journey through our mobility abroad program, establishing partnerships with esteemed universities in Brazil, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, and South Korea.


Explore the vibrant city of Porto, nestled in northern Portugal, celebrated for its rich history, cultural tapestry, stunning architecture, delectable gastronomy, and lively nightlife.

Career opportunities

This Master aims at developing students’ competencies to become business managers with a global mindset. Students will be able to understand how to shape the future, how to solve complex problems, how to be able to think and work strategically, and how to become emotionally intelligent and socially responsible managers.

Also, students will acquire the knowledge and skills to work in multinational corporations, or SMEs operating globally, in positions involving international business consultant, business development manager, global marketing strategist, brand management, among others.

Potential careers include:

  • International Business Consultant
  • Transformation and Innovation Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • International Marketing Manager
  • Global Marketing Strategist
  • Global Business Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Brand Manager


Study Plan Structure

E-Business and Digital Marketing1506
Global Strategic Marketing1506
Applied Finance to Business1506
Business Sustainability753
Global Business Strategy1506
Leadership and Organizational Development753
Disruptive Business Models1506
Innovation and Strategic Alliances753
Global Management Challenge Seminar1506
Business Sales and Automation1506
Trends and Future Consumption753
Business Management Simulator753
Research Methods1506
Data Analysis30012
Dissertation/ Project/ Internship Report30012
Dissertation/ Project/ Internship Report15030



Candidates interested in joining IPAM can apply throughout the year.

The application process is limited by existing vacancies and the suitability of the candidate's profile to the study cycle of interest.

To start the admission process, the candidate must follow these 3 steps:

Certification and accreditation

Aprovado pela A3ES em 27-06-2023

Relatório de avaliação CAE

R/A-Cr 56/2023 de 01-08-2023

A aguardar publicação do plano de estudos em Diário da República

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