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Economic Impact Analysis of the Final 8 Champions League

The Final 8 Champions League could generate an economic impact of over 8 million euros.


Football as a product Portuguese media

The tone of news broadcasts by the main Portuguese media are not positive towards Portuguese football and focus mostly on topics related to current sports affairs.

Consumer Study

As part of the characterisation of consumer behaviour and attitudes, the IPAM study sought to understand the outlook of the Portuguese public with regards to the near future. Regarding the situation in the country, it was found that 39% of respondents believe that the situation will improve, but 47% believe that it will continue as it is. It should be noted that only 14% believe that the situation will get worse.

Holiday Studies

In summer, the Portuguese value the beach (52%) and prefer the Algarve (48%), while 34% choose to travel to Europe. Most opt for a fortnight of summer holidays (58%) and focus on the period from July to September (85%). Summer is the time selected by 85% of respondents for the longest vacation period.

Christmas Shopping Study

The average amount that the Portuguese estimate they spend on Christmas shopping is €385.00. A value that has been changing since 2018, since in last year's study the amount was €372, given a sample with identical characteristics.


Analysis of the World Economic Impact

Portugal's victory in the World Cup is estimated to be worth around 700 million euros and will be worth more than 300 million euros for Portugal's presence in the group phase.

Holiday Studies

The beach continues to be highly valued by the Portuguese, namely for 61% of respondents. Summer remains the favourite season of the year for the Portuguese to go on vacation, with 87% of the population confirming that they take holidays in July, August and September.

Christmas Shopping Studies

The Portuguese intend to spend an average of 372 euros on Christmas shopping, down 1.4% compared to the previous year. This year, the Portuguese maintain a slight decrease in the average amount they spend, a trend already seen in the previous year (with 377.40 euros), however they have been changing in the dates and locations of their purchases.


Economic impact of SL Benfica - FC Porto exceeds 25 million euros

IPAM's Sports Marketing Studies Office assessed the economic impact of the match between SL Benfica and FC Porto at EUR 25 138 000. The estimate was calculated by the sum of direct revenues (EUR 4 118 000) and indirect revenues (EUR 21 020 000). The economic impact calculated exceeds the values evaluated in similar games - 2009 (19.5 million) and 2015 (23.2 million).

Consumer behaviour - Portuguese are more optimistic about the future

Portugal is seeing an upturn in consumption with 68 percent of consumers surveyed by IPAM believing their purchasing power will increase and they show more confidence about the future. 50 percent look ahead to an improvement in the economic situation and 41 percent believe that the current situation will not change.

Visibility, profile and commercial value of the CR7 brand - IPAM values the “Cristiano Ronaldo” brand at 102 million euros

Assessing reputation, popularity, notoriety and media potential, IPAM's study concludes that Cristiano Ronaldo is the most valuable footballer in the world.

The majority of Portuguese people attach great importance to Pope Francis' visit

The first visit to Portugal by Pope Francis is considered by most Portuguese to be of great importance (79%), especially because it is his first visit as a pilgrim to a European country.

The Portuguese put quality ahead of price when buying baby products

A study concluded that the majority of Portuguese value quality (73.81%) when buying a baby product (between 0 months and three years) over price (11.90%), durability (7.14%) and design (4.29%).

The Portuguese are fans of Music Festivals

The population surveyed in this IPAM study indicated that they are willing to spend significantly on Music Festivals: 60% spend up to an annual maximum of €150 (including travel and food) and 74% spend up to €100 only on tickets.

The Portuguese choose the beach and Portugal as a vacation destination

The study shows that 85% of the Portuguese prefer to take their holidays in the summer (July, August and September) and that the beach is a key element in selecting a holiday destination for 62% of the population.

The growing importance of food labels in Portuguese purchases

The growing importance of food labels in Portuguese purchases.


Christmas shopping consumption will be the highest in the last six years

Consumption is expected to increase for the third consecutive year. On average, each Portuguese citizen is expected to spend 373 euros, 24 percent more than in 2015 .

Euro 2016 - Portugal’s victory will bring a return of €609 M to the national economy

If the National Team does not get past the group stage, the initial stage matches will represent an economic impact of EUR 438 million.

Title games generate an economic impact of 28 million euros

Analysis focuses on the direct and indirect revenues of the matches in the last round of the national championship: Benfica-Nacional and Braga-Sporting.

The Portuguese eat less and less outside their homes

Although 80% admit that their income remains stable or has increased, a study reveals profound changes in consumption habits.

Sales and promotions - Portuguese intend to spend the same on summer purchases

83% of respondents intend to spend the same amount as in 2015, although 60% still do not know the difference between sales and promotions.

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