Academic activities

IPAM seeks to promote student participation in academic life through activities outside the classroom, in student clubs and associations, competitions, awards, etc.
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Academic activities

Academic activities are extracurricular events open to the whole academic community. In addition to organising workshops, lectures and conferences, our institution organises the following types of activities: cultural, sports, educations, cooperative and leisure.

By participating in these activities, students gain a broader view of the world, enriching their education and making them standout as better professionals.

Student centres and associations

The institution’s Student Associations and centres are a way of integrating the students and to get them to know each other, for them to learn and develop extracurricular skills.

The centres are groups created by the students themselves, with the intention of offering a more dynamic and unstructured academic experience.



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IPAM Lisboa's academic activities

AEIPAM Lisbon was founded on 14 June 1989, to represent the entire student universe of IPAM Lisbon, having always been focused on and committed to defending students' interests and enriching their knowledge.

The IPAM Student Association represents the students of the institution, whether they are enrolled in degrees, professional technical courses, master's degrees or whether they are international students. The students can make a commitment to being future members of the association, to become a more active voice within the institution.

The Association’s main goal is centered around constant innovation in the university context and from the incorporation of fun in every thing we develop and promote. To provide a better experience for the students, through support and understanding.

All of the students in any area have a history in IPAM, and the association wants to be a part of that history, which is represented by creativity, excitement and energy.

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I someone who is determined to constantly improve my skills, to evolve professionally and to grow as a person. Being a part of IPAM SA gave me all of this, I made new friends, developed personal skills, assumed responsibilities and learned many new things. Therefore, all I have to say that I am very grateful for belonging to this family that makes me happy!
President of the IPAM Lisbon Student Association (2022/2023 school year)

IPAM Porto's academic activities

IPAM Porto's student centres and associations
Base IPAM Porto

Created in 1988, the IPAM Porto Student Association has been working on behalf of the IPAM student community since day one. Its main objective is to support the students throughout their academic careers, ensuring their well-being from their integration through to the conclusion of their studies. The Student Association’s main proposition is listening and giving a voice to the IPAM community.

Directive centre of IPAM Porto SA

  • President  Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Activity Coordinator
  • Public Relations
  • Secretary

The IPAM Porto Student Association also has a General Assembly and Finance Committee.

Base IPAM is a Junior Enterprise certified by Junior Enterprises Portugal, which is an offshoot of IPAM. It is the only junior enterprise exclusively focused on and specialising in marketing management consulting.

Created with the intention of promoting and developing young talent in marketing, Base is a group of students with similar objectives and dynamics that, together with the support provided by a know-how network, develop their skills and competencies daily, by learning and applying them to real consulting projects. IPAM Base members have the opportunity to experience life in a professional work environment and thereby, define and forge their own career path, through joining Departments and project teams.

We seek students who consider problems to be an opportunity to learn and grow, to be proactive, dynamic, creative and above all, that have the critical thinking and willingness to do and become more.

For more than 20 years it conveys happiness and the academic spirit through its very noble institution.

The Tuna Académica’s [Music Group] history at IPAM Porto has been characterised by its conduct, which focuses on two major aspects: academism/tradition and music. Since its creation, it has always sought to join music and academia in a harmonious way, attempting to find equilibrium between both.

Its history:

It was created on 23 March 1998 and in 2009 it was granted legal statute, becoming a non-profit association.

It started off with performances for its institution and in bars and restaurants. With time and the natural resulting musical growth, its performances were extended to concerts and music festivals.

After 5 years Tuna, in commemoration of this anniversary, organised its first music festival, or FITAM.

Generally speaking, the Tuna Académica at IPAM Porto grew organically, but never lost its originality: “High morale and a full glass!”. With 18 years of history, the IPAM Tuna Académica is proud to have participated in various concerts and Music festivals throughout the country where, in addition to sharing its characteristic warmth and happiness, it also earned various distinctions and awards.

There are many memories and many performances made by the Tuna, be it at concerts or music festivals... Always with the objective of dignifying and promoting IPAM and the city. Whether it is in a bar, one of the country’s music venues, in front of crowds... or just for one beautiful woman.

DOLPHITUNA – Female Music Group of IPAM Porto that was born for music.

If you want to live the academic life to its fullest, come and meet Dolphituna. Because you know that everything is better when friends and music come together!

Its history:

DOLPHITUNA was created on 30 October 2001. The initial idea started with a group of friends and university students that liked music and with a natural musical ability, but mainly, it came from the desire to add rhythm to their academic lives.

With a feeling of gratitude, we highlight the support and contribution that our godfathers TAIPAM (Tuna Academy of IPAM Porto | Male) and our godmothers Desatuna (Female Tuna of ESAD-College of Art and Design) provided and continue to provide to the growth of Dolphituna.

With more than 20 years of history, we shined in all of the festivals, performances and social activities that we had the opportunity to participate in and organise. This, always with the objective of giving a contribution to the Academy that accepts us in the name of the home where we were born, IPAM.

Unity, enthusiasm, happiness and charisma, aren’t lacking in this tuna that never refuses “just one more round”.

A bonding é uma associação social do IPAM Porto que é o elo de ligação entre estudantes, docentes e colaboradores do IPAM e as organizações portuguesas.

Bonding is a social association of IPAM Porto that is the link between students, teachers and employees of IPAM and Portuguese organisations.

Main Objective

Be the tie that binds and create a space of personal and professional development with a principal focus on social unity.

  • directly ties the IPAM community to the national and international volunteers, with local intervention of partnership organisations. Thus getting to know diverse social and cultural realities.
  • helping organisations raise funds. We train volunteers within the IPAM community, with the help of the professors and even partnerships with consultants and specialised organisations.
  • volunteering in the marketing area, to overcome the difficulties felt both in the strategic marketing arena, as well as external communications.
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