Link to businesses

    IPAM has always had a very close relationship with companies, which is evident at the various levels of the teaching model of its Bachelor’s, Master’s and Post-Graduate Degree courses.



    Every year, more than 50 real-world cases with companies are carried out and integrated in the courses at IPAM, which involve over 1,000 students. Amongst the various projects carried out, we highlight some with renowned companies such as Solinca, Agros, Sheraton, Toyota Caetano, El Corte Inglés, Impetus, OPT, Mercado do Bom Sucesso, Ikea, Skills RH, Porto Football Club, Fruut, Continental Pneus, Festival Marés Vivas, Science for You, Micaela Oliveira, among many others.



    IPAM's academic model allows students to come into contact with business reality even in the classroom. During the course, students work directly with the Nielsen and Marktest databases, apply knowledge to a marketing management simulator and have the opportunity to participate in a number of international competitions such as L’Oreal Brandstorm, OnLine Google Challenge or Procter & Gamble Challenge.



    At present, IPAM has approximately 50 professors, most of whom hold PhDs and have vast business experience, an average of around 15 years in companies such as Toyota, MacDonald’s, MTV, Sonae, El Corte Inglés, Sheraton, Pingo Doce, Agros, Montepio Geral, Vodafone, Banif, among many others.



    IPAM considers the employability of its students a priority. Its area of operation focuses on curricular traineeships, professional traineeships, job opportunities, workshops, talent recruitment, job fairs and holding conferences. Currently, IPAM has protocols established with more than 350 companies across the country and abroad, and places approximately 150 students in traineeships each year.

    According to the latest data, over 90% of IPAM graduates find work up to 6 months after completing their course. The vast majority work in the field they were trained for such as commerce, distribution, the pharmaceutical industry, banking, insurance, industry, automotive industry, food industry, real estate, electronics and telecommunications, sports and leisure or in the service sector.



    The proximity to the business world fosters a unique experience for IPAM students, as over 180 events are held every year. Large international conferences are held at IPAM, which see the participation of some of the world’s most revered gurus in the field such as Philip Kotler (Marketing), Tom Peters (Strategy), Soren Askergaard (Consumption), William Sutton (Sports Marketing), John Gillespie (Wine Marketing), Susana Garcia (Luxury Marketing), Eric Berkowitz (Health Marketing), amongst others.

    Every year IPAM welcomes top professionals in marketing and consumption in events such as IPAM Talks, IPAM Masters, Summer Camp, Creative Week, International Week and After Work by IPAM which encompass the participation of more than 100 brands, 150 speakers and 14,000 attendees.


    IPAM has several students clubs for the practical application of the knowledge acquired during the course. In these clubs, the students carry out real-world projects for partner companies or institutions as a learning laboratory.