IPAM Be Safe

    We are ready to welcome you

    Your safety is our priority. We have adapted and equipped our campus to welcome you . In our facilities, you will find signs with recommendations that you must respect and that will guarantee the protection and peacefulness of everyone.

    How will campus access work?


    Entrances and exits

    They are duly signposted and the flow must be respected.


    Temperature Measurement

    There will be automatic temperature measurement equipment that must be used whenever entering the campus.


    Signs in common spaces

    To ensure safety, the recommended distance and the correct use of classroom services and equipment.


    Hygiene of spaces

    Common spaces will be cleaned frequently, and you will have disinfectant gel at your disposal.


    Circulation plans

    we created circulation flows in every campus, and it must be respected.Check here.

    How did we prepare for COVID 19?


    In just 48 hours, we made the transition from F2F to distance teaching. We managed to maintain the full functioning of the teaching activities and the quality of the interaction between teachers and students, with high satisfaction rates on both sides.



    Of distance teaching
    Our classes were given entirely through distance teaching.


    Hybrid internships
    The internships were adapted to the new reality.


    The events were reinvented and started to be held in a digital format.


    Public defenses
    The defenses of the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral thesis did take place.

    Plan for the reopening of the campus 
    Click here to see the Plan for the reopening of the campus - IPAM Lisboa

    Informational Guide
    Click here to see the Informational Guide for a safety campus


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    If you have any question or if you suffer any of the main symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough and possible breathing difficulties), you should contact the national health service through SNS 24 (808 24 24 24) or the national medical emergency number (112) and follow the guidelines given.

    If you have any question regarding the assistance provided by Universidade Europeia/ IPAM, you should contact the Coordinating Office of Covid-19 – Universidade Europeia & IPAM (contagiocovid@universidadeeuropeia.pt)