Skills Academy

    Who we are
    The Skills Academy aims at being a privileged project for the valorisation and development of personal, social and ethical skills, key to the personal and professional success of the students from Universidade Europeia, IADE and IPAM, through informal learning - learning by doing.

    The objectives of the Skills Academy are:
    • To offer its students opportunities to participate in different students’ clubs;
    • Motivate and guide the different students’ clubs, with regard to planning, organisation and implementation of their various projects and initiatives;
    • Give personalised advice to each club member with regard to the level of development of personal, social and ethical skills.

    Who it's for
    All students from Universidade Europeia, IADE and IPAM, attending the Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree courses, with potential at an academic, personal, professional and social level.

    What we do
    The Skills Academy currently has two ongoing projects, the CHANGEMAKERS CLUB and the TALENTS POOL.

    What is the Changemakers Club?
    The CHANGEMAKERS CLUB is a group of students, created, organised and run by students, coordinated by the Skills Academy, who share similar interests and whose primary objective is to establish itself as a reference in the development of the students, and agents of change of IADE, the CHANGEMAKERS. It aims at developing the personal, social and ethical skills of the students through extracurricular activities organised and run directly by them, supported by the University.

    What is the Talents Pool?
    The TALENTS POOL aims at detecting, recognising, awarding and promoting, at employing companies, the students with greatest potential from Universidade Europeia, IADE and IPAM.