Around 300 IPAM students visit Portuguese stadiums to carry out a study with Liga Portugal

7 dezembro 2023

After a positive year for IPAM and Liga Portugal, the two institutions have strengthened their partnership for the second year running in the "Barometer and Observatory" project.

The agreement consists of IPAM teams, made up of students and teachers, preparing various studies. For the 2023/2024 academic year, IPAM and Liga Portugal have planned four studies. The first aims to outline the profile of the Portuguese fan. There are two types: those who go to the stadium and those who don't. So around 300 students from the Marketing and Business school went around the country collecting information through public surveys.

Just like last year, IPAM and Liga Portugal are concerned with getting to know the Portuguese fan better. This year's study is the fourth in this area. In 2022, the research teams carried out a study on "Ways of interacting with your club". In 2023, referring to the previous academic year, IPAM and Liga Portugal carried out two studies: "Football brand health", which aimed to understand the opinion and consumption of soccer fans in the stadium and at a distance; and the "Study on fans who go to the stadium sporadically".

The third study by the Liga Portugal Barometer and Observatory will be for consultation with the national soccer governing body itself. IPAM will analyze the social impact of the projects and campaigns of Liga Portugal and other sports societies, by investigating various projects developed by various sports-related entities in a variety of areas of social responsibility, such as diversity and inclusion, health, the environment and others.

The fourth study in the partnership between IPAM and Liga Portugal will focus on the League Cup. The soccer body wants to gain more in-depth knowledge of the social and economic impact of the League Cup on the host city and its fans. It will also be a project for internal consumption. The agreement between IPAM and Liga Portugal is a way of bringing students and teachers into contact with the reality of sport, but also with the world of marketing and business in Portugal. Soccer is one of the biggest industries in the world and therefore makes an excellent object of study for students and teachers alike.

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