tAIPAM - University musical Group

    TAIPAM - University Musical Group of IPAM in Oporto is guided by a code that focuses on two important aspects: academia/tradition and music. Since its creation, it has sought to always combine music and being a student, harmoniously, trying to always find a balance between the two.

    Established on 23rd March 1998, its main goal is to spread joy and academic spirit in its most noble institution. In 2009, it gained legal status, becoming a non-profit association.

    It began its journey with performances for its institution, and in bars and restaurants. As time passed, and with the subsequent growth of music, participation extended to Tuna gatherings and festivals.

    After 5 years of Tuna, and the celebration of its 5th anniversary, it held its first Tuna festival, FITAM.

    In broad strokes, TAIPAM has had a natural evolution, a normal growth for a Tuna that has never lost its original spirit:  “Spirits high and never an empty glass!” With its 18 years of existence, TAIPAM is proud to have participated in several Tuna gatherings and festivals across the country where, in addition to having spread the warmth and joy it is known for, it also received several distinctions and awards.