The world is moving at a very fast pace and modern business is increasingly global. 

    This Master was specially designed to meet the needs and trends of the global marketplace.

    The course is fully taught in English and it is an innovative academic experience with its international focus, its emphasis on digital, ethical and sustainable marketing and its strong links with industry.

    The philosophy behind this Master favors open knowledge and discovery-led learning, where all stakeholders contribute to the learning process.

    Furthermore, it is fostered a culture of learning by doing: putting theory into practice with hands-on industry partnerships, live case studies, practical workshops and teamwork. Upon completion of this course students will be equipped with the comprehensive knowledge, expertise and skills needed to build a successful career in international settings.

    Accredited by A3ES on 05/05/2020.

    Registration: R/A-Cr 39/2020 on 04/06/2020 (DGES).

    Despacho n.º 7858/2021, de 10 de agosto de 2021, II Série nº 151 D.R.


    Natalia Pacheco


    Natalia Pacheco
    Language English
    Campus Quinta do Bom Nome - Lisboa
    schedule Daytime
    Duration 4 Semesters
    start date September
    Global Master in Marketing

    Key benefits

    •  Explore the future of marketing on a global scale, working with global and international companies on real-time projects.
    •  Learn to combine sharp analytical skills with creativity to ensure that products and services stand out in a global marketplace.
    • Discover how technology can help to develop sustainable marketing practices, better understand consumer behavior and plan marketing strategies.
    •  Study with leading academics and industry experts and gain insights into the latest thinking and practices in global marketing.
    •  Acquire comprehensive knowledge, expertise and skills needed to build a successful career in international settings.
    • Understand how global and international companies design and implement marketing strategies to create customer value and competitive advantage in the markets, in the context of increasingly sophisticated and demanding consumers, digital revolution and globalization.
    • Develop skills to conduct high quality marketing research through the Global Marketing Research Hub.
    • Enhance soft skills related to talent, leadership and change management to deal with global and international environments.
    • Build a global professional network with academic and expert marketing professionals.


    This Master aims at developing students’ competencies to become marketing professionals with a global mindset. Students will be able to understand how to shape the future, how to solve complex problems, how to be able to think and work strategically, and how to become emotionally intelligent and socially responsible managers.
    Also, students will acquire the knowledge and skills to work in multinational corporations, SMEs operating globally or specialist marketing agencies, in positions involving strategic marketing management, brand management, digital marketing, among others.
    Potential careers include: International Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager, Market Research Analyst, Global Product Manager, Digital Marketing Strategist, Brand Manager, Strategy Consultant, Marketing Partnerships Manager, Customer Experience Manager, Transformation and Innovation Manager, Chief Marketing Officer, International Marketing Professor.

    1st Semester

    Global Marketing Strategy 60 6
    Future Consumption Society 60 6
    Marketing Research Methods 60 6
    Talent and Change Management 60 6
    Disruptive Business Models 60 6

    2nd Semester

    Marketing Future Cast 60 6
    Digital Marketing Strategy 60 6
    Marketing Metrics and Analytics 60 6
    Global Marketing Simulator 60 6
    Global Business Plan 60 6

    3rd Semester

    Global Marketing & Branding* 60 12
    Artificial Intelligence applied to Marketing* 60 12
    Marketing & Experience with Services* 60 12
    Sustainability in Marketing Management* 60 12
    Technology applied to Marketing* 60 12
    Dissertation / Professional Project / Internship  30 18


    4th Semester

    Global Marketing Challenge Seminar 20 6
    Dissertation / Professional Project / Internship 30 24


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