Live in Lisbon

    Lisbon is a quite friendly city. We are mainly known for our gastronomy and hospitality, but we have much for to offer for international students.

    Live Quality
    Live in Lisbon is having the chance to live in a dynamic and young city where the old buildings live in harmony with modernity.
    The land of “fado” (traditional singing style) is growing and defining new concepts. Many fields are being developed and we are, definitely, breaking borders to show all the nice things we have in our city, and country.
    According to the Human Development Index, Portugal is on the TOP50. We reunite a sort of important aspects such as education, literacy, life expectation, etc, that are quite positive, which makes us a good country to live, even if it is for a while, as in a exchange experience.

    Living Cost
    Portugal is a good choice if you do not want to spend a lot of money, but you would like to live an interesting international experience.
    We estimate that with a budget of 600€ (accommodation, food and transports) you will be able to live in our city.
    But living in Portugal still has more advantages, especially when you may book cheap flights to visit European capitals such as Paris, London, Amsterdam or Madrid, and take full advantage of this wonderful experience.
    This is a time life opportunity!

    • Accomodation: 200€ - 300€
    • Transportation: 20€ - 40€
    • Food: 200€ - 300€


    Culture, Society & Environment
    In Lisbon, you will have access to a whole new world in terms of events and cultural initiatives.
    Lisbon is currently hosting quite interesting events, such as Rock in Rio Lisboa, international music festival, Optimus Alive, Lisbon Fashion Week, Art & Film Festivals, Marchas Populares, among many others.
    In addition, we count with more than 20 museums, and much more in Sintra and Cascais, two beautiful villages, the first one surrounded by the hills, and the second by the beach, and just 25 minutes from the city centre.
    Lisbon is a young city with good environment. On the old neighbourhoods (Alfama, Chiado and Castelo) you will find cosy and traditional spots, which are quite trendy and highly visited by tourists and students.

    According to Global Peace Index, Portugal is the 16th safest countries in the world.

    Cosmopolitan & Multicultural city
    Portugal has 150 nationalities, which makes us a quite cosmopolitan county.
    Lisbon, as the capital of the country, is welcoming, on a daily basis, foreign citizens, not only to live and work but specially to study, which allows to the city become more and more international and multicultural.
    In addition, you will find quite interesting and rustic neighbourhoods that will give you the impression you are in another country. This reality makes that foreign students feel welcome and integrate after just a couple of days.
    Lisbon has also a quite intensive commercial life, you have not only shopping centers, the biggest in Europe, but also stylish streets, such as the well known Avenida da Liberdade, where you will find internationally luxury brands shops such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Gucci, Tod's, Burberry, etc.

    Lisbon is the perfect destination if you want to combine studies with a various leisure activities. When you have more than 200 days of sun and you have a magic and special light.



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