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    IPAM Consulting is a unit of students from IPAM Lisbon stemming from the students’ strong desire to apply their skills, developed during their academic path, to real actions; namely in companies, faced with present-day challenges, seeking to address the growing competitiveness of globalised markets.

    The activity carried out by IPAM Consulting:

    • Market Studies
    • Strategic Management
      Strategic Diagnosis | Competition Analysis | Business Plan | Internationalisation Plan
    • Marketing
      Marketing Plan | Innovation and Marketing
    • Communication
      Communication Plan | Social Networks

    IPAM Consulting does not only base its activity on a mission and well-established values. It also aims to become a benchmark organisation in the sectors in which it operates.

    To guarantee professional, fast, effective and secure consulting service for clients in order to ensure growth.

    To be a benchmark organisation in the sectors in which it operates.

    The relationship between clients and collaborators should be transparent and based on responsibility and trust between the parties involved, through clear and precise communication.

    + info: www.facebook.com/IPAM.Consulting

    Contacts: ipam.consulting@ipam.pt




    IPAM Events is in line with the University context of the Students Clubs and part of the operationalisation of the skills acquired during the various cycles of training.

    The transformation of concepts into real ideas and projects with added value is part of the DNA of this framework, which is organised dynamically, based on two key pillars:

    1. Academic and Scientific Events
    2. Fun Events


    With a permanent staff of 10 people associated to this concept, IPAM Events has already taken part in a number of prominent initiatives, namely: IPAM Talks, IPAM Anniversary and International Week

    + info: www.facebook.com/ipamevents