IPAM Lisbon and Porto's employability rate is 95%
13 março 2024
IPAM students have an employability rate very close to 100%, according to data collected by Infocursos in 2023 on graduates between 2017 and 2021.

At IPAM Lisbon, the rate is 96%. At IPAM Porto, the rate is 94%.

With regard to the most recent internal surveys carried out, among the 38 IPAM Lisboa graduates who answered the questionnaire, around 63% had a curricular internship and 11% had an extracurricular internship.

In a sample of 10 IPAM Lisboa master's degree finalists in 2022, seven were already working when they joined the course and three of them changed jobs and/or employer while attending the master's degree. During their academic journey, only 20% didn't do a curricular internship and 60% took part in mobility programs.

At IPAM Porto, of the 81 graduates who responded to the survey, 79% did a curricular internship and 12% got an extracurricular internship. Of these IPAM Porto finalists in 2022, 47% are working in an area related to their degree and approximately 12% are studying for a master's degree.

Of the 28 master's finalists surveyed, 50% did a curricular internship and 14% did an extracurricular internship. When they entered the course, 12 were already working and 10 of them changed jobs or positions after starting their master's degree.

More than 70% of the respondents are employed in an area related to the course they are studying.

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