This global bachelor's degree in Marketing  responds to a market need in terms of creative, innovative, and sustainable projects, integrating knowledge and practical skills, and able to have a theoretical reflection and analysis of socioeconomic and cultural situations, in national and international context.


    This course in marketing is taught entirely in English and is focused on soft skills, providing students with both practical and operational abilities and will allow them to have a better integration in their surrounding environment as professionals and individuals. Leaving behind the much used "paper and pencil" approach, devoting a significant amount of time to laboratory interventions, field work and vocational studies, giving special emphasis to "know" together with "know-how", we will look for the desirable result: the "how to be". This philosophy is embodied in the following way:  


    • The course’s plan ensures that students are involved in both individual and group activities that include different teaching methodologies: theoretical, theoretical-practical, tutorials, field work and laboratory;
    • Developing Employability lab throughout the study programme, that supports students that are trying to get in contact with the work market;
    • Broadcast of conferences with international personalities, a busy and diversified agenda and academic counselling;
    • Strong focus on internationalization, giving the students a wide perspective on the professional market and employability; In this sense and according to what is described throughout this submission besides classes, students are invited to take part in several activities (English classes, English lab, seminars, international conferences and the employability lab) that allow the improvement and enrichment of their training experience, fulfilling at the same time the university’s mission.


    Nº de regito na DGES : R/A-Cr 70/2017

    Course Coordination

    Francisco Coelho
    Language English
    Campus Oporto
    Shedule Daytime

    Schedule subject to availability

    Duration 6 Semesters
    start date September 2019
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    Career Opportunities

    • Analyst
    • Market Analyst and Research
    • Branding, Consultancy
    • Pricing Analyst
    • Product Management
    • Digital Specialist
    • Strategic Marketing
    • Sales and Promotions

    International Experience



    Belonging to the Laureate International Universities network - the world's largest higher education group placed in more than 25 countries with 70 institutions, and more than 1.000.000 students - this model encourages teachers and students’ mobility, including the best international pedagogical practices and establishes exchange routes that allow access to syllabuses and teaching methods of Schools of Excellence within the group in five different continents. Therefore, this paradigm aims to stimulate entrepreneurship and to promote employability of students in a global context, looking for a deep and meaningful connection with the labour market.

    Students will have the chance to live a truly global experience with our international mobility programs (for 1 semester) and study in a prestigious university in New York, PACE, plus other options soon from our global partnerships.



    Throughout the study programme is developed an Employability Lab, that supports students that are trying to get in contact with the work market.


    Students will partner with global brands with international recognition in work projects and through internships. The first confirmed global brand partnership will be L'Oréal.

    1st Semester

    Global Economics 60 6
    Marketing Principals 60 6
    Cross Cultural Studies 60 6
    Interpersonnal Skills 30 3
    Research methods  30 3
    Statistics 60 6

    2nd Semester

    Marketing Strategy 60 6
    Consumer Behaviour 60 6
    Managing Global Teams 30 3
    Business Developement for Alternative Futures 30 3
    Marketing Research 60 6
    Data Analysis 60 6

    3rd Semester

    Financial Management 60 6
    Customer Management 60 6
    Trendspotting and Future Thinking 60 6
    Product Management 60 6
    Integrated Marketing Communication 60 6

    4th Semester

    Digital Business Strategy 60 6
    Distribution and Retail 60 6
    Price and Cost Management 60 6
    New Marketing and Communication Tools 60 6
    Services Management 60 6

    5th Semester

    Integrated Marketing Mix 60 6
    Marketing Metrics 30 3
    Web Analitics 30 3
    Sales Management and Promotion 60 6
    Budgeting 60 6
    Ethics and Social Responsibility 60 6

    6th Semester

    Global Marketing Strategies 60 6
    Cross Cultural Negotiation 60 6
    Final Project/Internship 60 18
    For entry to the Marketing Bachelor’s Degree course, students must submit one of the following admission exams:



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